making handmade jewelery

A few days ago we went with my wife to design, and to make her own piece of jade jewelery in Xibalba Joyas, my job was to document the activity for her Blog Sin Manual de Instrucciones (recommended!). We often go to Antigua, but we forget to explore different activities like this one.

We started by seeing all the jade pieces available (it is a jewelry that doesn’t extract jade wholesale, so the process is very traditional). Andrea decided to make a Moon so we went into the workshop and with a lot of patience and help she was able to do the whole process from start to finish.

While making the jewel, I thought that this would be a very nice way to either make an engagement ring and be able to do it yourself, or go as a couple to make a jewel as a special gift and suddenly, he kneels and asks the question that will change the rest of their lives, aaallll right, so exciting! 
On the other hand I could recommend to do this activity with children of a certain age. Not only will they take a precious jewel, but with a lot of meaning and a great story.